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Radiation reduction by 70-99%
With our mobile covers, the radiation from your mobile is reduced by 70 - 99%. The explanation lies in our patented design of the aluminum shell and the result is confirmed by several leading measuring laboratories in Scandinavia.

Weight only 40-60 grams
Despite the fact that our products are die-cast from recycled aluminum, the shells hold a surprisingly low weight. The weight of the mobile cover is only 40 - 60 grams and the difference of course depends on which mobile you have and thus the size of the protective mobile cover.

No effect on coverage or battery life
All measurements carried out show that the mobile has the same coverage and battery life with the mobile cover on under normal conditions. If you know that you usually have very poor coverage, there is a small risk that the shells may impair coverage.

The aluminum shell makes your mobile very shockproof and greatly reduces the risk of it being damaged. Some campaigns also come with a protective glass (protective film for Samsung) from Copter, so that the screen is also protected in the event of an accident.

Our mobile cases are made of aluminum which, unlike plastic, for example, is both heat-resistant and fireproof. That faults in mobile phones give rise to fire is now very unusual but does occur. With our aluminum shells, that risk is minimized.

Environmentally friendly & 100% recyclable
Unlike plastic, aluminum that we use in our products is completely recyclable and can be melted down to be used again. Since all production takes place in Sweden, we also avoid unnecessarily long transports.

Made in Sweden
To maintain the highest quality of our mobile covers, we have chosen to have all manufacturing and development done in Sweden. We therefore collaborate with a number of carefully selected Swedish industrial companies that live up to the high quality requirements of our products.

5 year warranty in case of material defects (not surface layer)
Since all production takes place in Sweden, we can maintain the highest quality of all our products. Therefore, we offer you as a customer a 5-year guarantee against material defects when you buy an RP Aluminum shell from us so that you can feel completely safe with your purchase. The warranty does not cover damage to the surface layer.