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About RP of Sweden

"When we managed to reduce almost all radiation, we understood that our mobile covers should interest mobile users all over the world."

RP of Sweden is a Swedish developer of modern mobile phone cases. The products are based on a unique invention that we made in the search to reduce the radiation that we and our children were exposed to via mobile phones. The goal of the product was to, in addition to the radiation reduction, also avoid expensive repair costs on broken screens that could occur on repeated occasions.

It started with a variety of prototypes and measurements of mobile phone radiation in public environments, while we got in touch with Professor Olle Johansson - one of Sweden's foremost experts in radiation. Olle was at first very skeptical of our idea as the first tests gave a result far below expectations.

After a long period of modification of the prototypes, it was finally a mistake in production that gave us the solution on how to reduce the radiation without affecting coverage and battery life. Tests in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and at one of the most respected laboratories in Finland, Verkotan, all gave the same outstanding results. Professor Olle Johansson monitored a SAR measurement and several measurements of power density at Verkotan Oy in Finland, which showed a radiation reduction of up to 99%.

In connection with this, the company Aluminum Radiation Protection Sweden AB (RP of Sweden) was registered and a patent application was sent to PRV. Immediately, production of RP of Sweden mobile cases for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei was started.

Today we can offer a really shockproof mobile cover with associated protective glass that reduces the radiation from your mobile by 70 - 99%. All production takes place in Sweden and thanks to the high quality, we offer a 5-year guarantee on RP aluminum shells against material defects.

Our products are constantly being developed and improved in order to be able to offer you as a customer a mobile cover that, in addition to radiation reduction and shock resistance, also meets high requirements for design and user-friendliness.

Thank you very much for visiting us!